ATM Terminal Processing Service

Argus Merchant Services offers a high-quality, comprehensive ATM Terminal Driving Service that can help you reduce processing costs and enhance the return of your ATM investment.

Our service supports a wide range of ATM device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. We also offer special features, including deposit automation, that can expand your ATMs' appeal and help increase the revenue streams they generate. And, reports and back-office tools—including monitoring ATMs in real time, viewing electronic journal data, and distributing marketing content via a web browser—can help you effectively manage your ATM service and the success of your program.

By consolidating your debit processing with Argus Merchant Services, you can reduce the number of technical interfaces and vendors you manage, as well as consolidate all settlement and reporting—potentially reducing your overall electronic processing costs.

Key Features

Financial transactions. The standard transaction set includes:
* Withdrawal
* Fast cash
* Balance inquiry
* Transfer
* Deposit check or cash (envelope & non-envelope)
* Deposit with cash back

Deposit automation. Support for check and cash transactions includes:
* Transmission to your host of MICR and currency data when the transaction is made
* Unique transaction types enabling you to modify funds availability and posting processes when the transaction is made
* Detailed receipts with options to display check images and currency break outs, supporting full migration to Check 21

Self-service transactions. Self-service transactions enhance cardholder convenience and reduce demand for teller service. The transaction set includes:
* Payment enclosed
* Payment to
* PIN change
* Mini-statement

Non-cash media. The non-cash media option for dispensing stamps and/or coupons enhances the value and usability of your ATMs and increases your revenue potential.

Customer service features. A variety of customer service features offers cardholders even more ATM options including:
* Bilingual screens
* Open Account Relationship (OAR)
* Multiple Account Selections (MAS)
* Alternate ATM location message

Surcharge options. Support is available for:
* Adding a surcharge to specific transactions defined by your financial institution. The surcharge may be a flat fee or percentage of the transaction amount with a minimum or maximum fee
* Private arrangements for no-surcharging and no-surcharge alliances

Marketing options. The following ATM-level marketing support enhances cross-selling and product promotion opportunities:
* Customizable receipts
* Marketing screens
* Remote graphics distribution using our browser-based ATM Content Manager enables you to remotely deliver still-pictures or full-motion-video screen graphics to your ATMs' "Welcome," "Please Wait," and "Thank You" screens
* Host-based loads stored at Visa Debit Processing Service including locally-stored "overlay" files
* Non-cash dispense for coupons and alternative print media

24/7 ATM and network monitoring. Automated operations, using industry-leading Gasper3 technology, minimize ATM downtime with prompt proper notification and escalation when faults occur. Network monitoring support provides:
* Complete network view
* Automatic dispatch and information
* Automatic escalation per client rules
* Programmed responses and online alerts
* Remote access to terminal status and dispatch information
* Low cash alerts

Remote access. Browser-based access, using industry-leading Gasper technology, to view the status of ATMs and dispatch events. Capabilities include:
* View tickets
* View all attempted dispatches on an open ticket
* View successful and non-successful notifications

Terminal management. Online, terminal-based applications to assist in ATM management including:
* Transaction Inquiry. Provides real-time access to recent transactions and detailed transaction history
* Terminal Totals Facility. Displays current and historic terminal totals including:
**Cash management history
**Cash adjustments and forced settlement
**Terminal settlement history (historical settlement totals)
**Summary settlement history (group summary)
* Remote electronic journal. ATM Content Manager enables you to retrieve real-time transaction information from an ATM and view it at a PC workstation. You also may export information to an Excel® worksheet and schedule delivery of a separate flat file daily or weekly
* ATM key management. An automated system for securely generating, storing, and downloading a unique, double-length Terminal Master Key (A-Key) and Communications Key (B-Key) to an ATM. This solution eliminates your role as key custodian and the need for two key custodians to visit ATMs for manual key entry, reducing your overall key management costs

Reports and files. In addition to online information, reports that enhance terminal management include:
* Daily and Monthly Reports
* Detail and Summary Reports
* Terminal
* Foreign vs. on-us
* Network
* Transaction Type
* Suspicious Activity Report
* Estimated Profitability Report
* Foreign Terminal Usage Report
* Partial Day Deposit Report
* Gasper Generated Report
* Uptime/Downtime by ATM
* Service vendor performance