First Data eMerchantView®              eMerchantView

The First Data eMerchantView® product is an innovative product that provides merchants direct access to their credit card processing information through a secure Internet connection. Information is available at your fingertips through your personal computer. The eMerchantView product provides merchants access to:

  1.  Merchant deposits and adjustments (6 months of history)
  2.  Cardholder account inquiry (6 months of history)
  3.  Merchant chargebacks (6 months of history)
  4.  Merchant retrievals (6 months of history)
  5.  Merchant statements (3 months of history)

Merchants can see summary and /or detailed information for all of the above.

What does eMerchantView do?

  1.  Provides merchants an Internet based solution to access to their credit card transaction processing information
  2.  eMerchantView was designed with the merchant in mind – the information was chosen with the intent to answer merchant questions, not generate more
  3.  Information is updated after nightly cycle and is display only
  4.  eMerchantView can be utilized for all deposit types and all front ends – just need to ‘settle’ on Omaha


  1.  Access available at merchant and system, principal and agent levels
  2.  Online help
  3.  Easy to use – drill down screens/point and click
  4.  24x7 availability - updated with nightly cycle
  5.  GUI interface with interactive web pages

This service is designed to save you time, and help make you more productive by delivering information directly to your PC

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