Full Service Dining Establishments

When running a full service dining establishment there are additional considerations to keep in mind. Restaurant credit card processing at a full service restaurant must include the ability to accept tips, combine bar bills with dinner bills, and separate a single bill for multiple credit cards. In addition, full service dining establishments have to find a restaurant merchant account that will work with their point of sale software systems and equipment. Whether a small, family-owned establishment or a large national chain, you find the exact point-of-sale and software solution that fits your needs with Argus Merchant Services.


More and more, restaurants are using wireless credit card terminals that allow the waiter to enter the order as items are being ordered as well as processing that order at the table. If you're interested in this type of restaurant credit card processing, you need to ask your merchant account provider if they offer that service.

Argus Merchant Services offers Restaurant Merchant Account programs with specific advantages that our competitors just can't match - including reduced credit card processing fees, 12-hour funding (including on American Express) to improve cash flow, and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.