Petroleum & C-Store Credit Card Processing

The Petroleum Plus service is a complete resource for merchants. Offering our industry leading expertise in card processing and payment solutions to bring all major credit, debit and fleet cards right to the pump. Our powerful processing technology is ideally suited for petroleum merchants facing the latest winds of change.

Our Petroleum Plus service helps gas station owners through the process of switching from a major brand to becoming independent. From the latest encryption regulations to fraud protection and check conversions, our FDIS Petroleum Plus service has several programs in place to help you limit your liability and reduce the chances of fraudulent activity.

Address Verification System (AVS) reduces fraud and charge backs at the pump by mandating that customers enter their credit card billing zip codes. If a customer doesn't know a zip code or enters it wrong, he or she is referred inside to sign for the transaction.

Velocity checking provides merchants with the ability to choose the number of times from one to five-a card is used at the pump within a 24 hour period. If a cardholder has reached his or her limit, he or she is referred inside to sign for the transaction.

We offer easy and complete solutions for petroleum gas station owners to securely accept all major credit cards. We also offer transaction processing solutions for c-store (Convenience Store) retail fronts, as well as Gift cards which can help you create a new revenue stream for your business.