Merchant Benefits

In addition to excellent customer support and service, there are many benefits associated with Argus Merchant Services:
Direct Credit to your Business Checking Account - Your business will benefit from quick credit sales processing with direct deposit into your business checking account.

Local Service and Support for Depositors - Every day our trained Argus Merchant Services Specialists are out in the field making calls and offering support to local merchants who are depositing with us.

Merchant Accounting- We have a comprehensive accounting system tailored to meet a merchant's needs, which includes month-to-date credit card deposits information on a transaction statement. credit / Debit cards processing fees are assessed daily or monthly, allowing merchants full use of all funds during the month.

e-Tools - We have available 24-hour internet access to merchant reports that allow business customers to review information concerning merchant statements and authorized, captured, cleared and settled transactions.

Voice Authorization - We offer voice authorization at no cost for merchants as a back-up support for merchants utilizing the Point Of Sale terminal and Dial Pay programs.

Electronic Check Service - Our Point of Sale (POS) Check Service converts paper checks presented at the point of sale into safe, efficient "electronic" transactions. Your business can continue to offer the option of paying by check, while reducing paper handling and the cost and risk of check acceptance, depending on which service option you select. This improves your cash flow and minimizes the risk involved with check acceptance.

FREE Set Up and Renewal Charges - For each location, the setup charge is FREE and includes new application processing, related supplies, and authorization information. On the anniversary date of your merchant account.