Retail Stores

Successful retailers keep up not just with customer tastes and preferences, you keep up with how your customers prefer to pay. In fact, expanding your payment options can even expand your market reach. In distinguishing themselves from the competition, local, national and regional based retailers need to offer the same ease of payment and high level of security as any other merchant. Processing payments with Argus Merchant Services requires minimal training and helps secure your funding quickly and easily. Our terminals are flexible for future enhancements and integrate transaction data directly into back-office tools. Argus Merchant Services has the depth of experience and range of services to complement your market strategy, all backed by some of the most extensive fraud detection databases in the industry.

For your face-to-face transaction processing needs, a Argus Merchant Services retail account enables you to authorize, settle and manage credit card transactions from your retail store using a variety of POS solutions and connectivity methods. Whether you use a dial terminal, Internet gateway account, mobile payment application for your smart phone, or an integrated POS solution, Argus Merchant Services is your credit card processing partner. We process millions of transactions per month across our networks to deliver best in class processing to meet your every need. As the industry continues to change at an accelerating rate, Argus Merchant Services is committed to ensuring that you have the best processing available, incorporating speed of processing and security in every solution we bring to market. Many of our customers are combining the robust Datawire gateway with Internet Protocol (IP) enabled point-of-sale systems to gain an end-to-end solution that is far more efficient and reliable than dial-up systems. IP-based POS systems offer several advantages:

  • Faster Checkout – Improve customer satisfaction and reduce balking by speeding up checkout lines.
  • Reduce Costs – Eliminate multiple dedicated telephone lines to reduce telecom expenses, while consolidating service costs for broadband.
  • Stability and Reliability – The TransAction Central Gateway handles millions of transactions every month, and is continuously monitored for performance.
  • Real Time Online Reporting – e-Merchant View offers you access to best in class online reporting. Unlike other processor’s reporting systems, e-Merchant View reporting is real-time – the transaction status is immediately accessible as it becomes available from the networks.